I’m Oxy – Legendary Bearded Dragon

I'm Oxy. Legendary Bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragons

I’m Oxy, the Bearded Dragon. Yes, you read it right, a dragon. Not the fire-breathing, mythical kind but a small, sun-loving reptile. I’m here to share my story, to show you a glimpse of life from my eyes, or more accurately, from my perspective.

In my time, I was quite a celebrity in my little world. You could say I was living the dream: every day was an adventure, filled with scrumptious meals, warm basking spots, and the adoration of my humans companions. They took care of me in a way that made me feel loved, appreciated. They made me a part of their family, and for that, I’ll always be grateful.

However, life, as I quickly found out, has a way of taking sharp, unexpected turns. Only a few days ago, when I was just 2.5 years old, I was as healthy and happy as any bearded dragon could be. Then, something went terribly wrong. It started with an uncomfortable feeling. The following day, I felt worse, unable to eat or move around as I normally would.

By the third day, things took a drastic turn. I remember not understanding what was happening, my body refusing to cooperate. My humans, in their concern, rushed me to the vet. The bright lights of the clinic, and everything around, all are but hazy memory. I could feel my heart barely beating, but what stood out most was the concern, the sorrow I felt from my human.


My journey ended that day. Probably I swallowed something I shouldn’t have. The following morning, my body was laid to rest. I could feel the sadness that filled the air, the silent goodbye of my humans. It was an unexpected and sudden farewell, and I wish I could have told them how much I appreciated their love and care.

However, my story does not end here. In death, I found a new purpose. I aim to become a legend in the hearts of all bearded dragon lovers, to educate and inspire. To remind everyone that we are more than just “lizards”. We can become a part of your family, a source of joy and companionship.

As a bearded dragons, we lead simple but engaging lives. We enjoy basking in the sun, feasting on our favorite foods, and exploring our surroundings. We might not be able to communicate like dogs or cats, but we express our feelings in our own unique ways. We are capable of forming bonds with our humans, appreciating their care and companionship.

And so, I am here, in spirit, to share everything I know about my kind. To ensure that the bond between bearded dragons and their humans continues to thrive. I want to show the world how great bearded dragons are, and how deserving we are of love, care, and respect.

So, let’s embark on this journey together. Let’s explore the world of bearded dragons, unravel our quirks, understand our needs, and celebrate our uniqueness. This is my new purpose, my pledge to live on as a legend.

My name is Oxy, and although I may have passed on, I am not gone. I am here, living through this message, through the lessons I hope to impart, and in the hearts of my beloved humans.

I’ve decided, I’ll live forever.


In every crinkle of a bag of mealworms, in the warm light of a basking lamp, in the delicate crunch of a fresh vegetable – there, you will find me. I am present in every smooth stone, every cozy hide, and every gentle mist of water on dry, scaly skin. I am there in the quiet patience of waiting for cricket, in the dignified dignity of basking in the sun. I exist in these moments, in these routines, in these acts of love and care.

Through my story, I will inspire everyone to see, we are creatures of character, capable of feeling and bonding, and deserving of respect and care, as I got in my days on Earth.

I hope that my words will reach all corners of the globe, inspiring individuals to welcome bearded dragons into their homes, and into their hearts. To help them understand that caring for us is not just a responsibility, but a journey of companionship and mutual respect.

By telling you my story, and by sharing my journey, I hope to touch your heart. To remind you of the love we bearded dragons are capable of giving, of the joy we can bring into your life. And through this, my legacy will continue, and my purpose will thrive.

In this way, I’ll be immortal. Not in the physical sense, but in the memories I leave behind, in the lessons I impart, and in the hearts of those who love me. I will live on as a story, a lesson, a guide. I’ll continue to influence the world of bearded dragons, reshaping perceptions, and inspiring love, and respect for my kind.

Remember, dear reader, each bearded dragon has its unique personality, its quirks, and its way of showing affection. And every one of them deserves the love and care that I was lucky to receive during my time.

So, if you ever find yourself with a bearded dragon in your care, remember my story. Remember the love I had for my humans, the joy I found in every small thing, the respect and care I was given. And in doing that, you’ll keep my memory alive.

I’m Oxy, a Legendary Bearded Dragon.
1st November 2020 – 10th June 2023

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